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blog 「今だけでなく、これからの人たちのための制度を」


* English text added on 20Feb2015
“The system for the future – if you wonder how many people will apply for the certification.”






でも。 制度は「今、この時を待っていた」人たちだけのためではないのですよね。(当たりまえ。)



– In English –
As you may have heard, next month Tokyo’s Shibuya Ward plans vote on issuing “its own certificates to same-sex couples and recognize them as partners that are “equivalent” to those that are married under the law.” and if passed, it will take force from 1 April 2015.
At the same time Tokyo’s Setagaya Ward, the most-populous ward in Tokyo, and Yokohama-city are reported to have same kind of plans.

This has been the hot and encouraging topic and we are looking forward the good news not only from Shibuya and Yokohama, but from other parts of Japan.

Now you may think like this.
“but how many people will actually apply for the certificate in Japan??” “Are we going to see many couples waiting in line as we saw in other countries?” “Hope there are certain numbers of applications at least in the first year, so that we do not face negative reaction with “see?” face. ”

Maybe the number is small, and maybe not.

The system should be prepared not only for people who are ready to take advantage at this point. It should consider anybody who may need it in near or far future, it should even consider unborn child.

Some systems are not used by each one of us, as we all know. Some people use some systems, and some even don’t know the existence of some systems.

Do we need to have special reason to have the same rights that others already have?
I simply think NO, and hope you feel the same way.



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