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REVIEW : “About Ray”, “About Change” and The movie “Three Generations”

The movie “Three Generations(About Ray)” is finally in the theater.

It was played in Toronto International Film Festival in 2015, but the the release was suddenly cancelled without any explanations until 2017. When the movie is finally released in the U.S, the title is changed to “Three Generations”, and some reports that one of the reasons of postponing in 2015 was that Harvey Weinstein wanted to edit the movie after the review at Toronto International Film Festival. Well some people are lucky to see both versions.

I did not know about the title change until i saw the movie, and i expected to see Elle Fanning name came first in the credit but it was Naomi Watts’ name on the top. So at the beginning of the movie, i thought hmm this movie was going to be about the family, not “about ray”.

Ray has made his decision, firm decision. The family wants to support him, but especially for his mother, it is a huge decision to make to support him, and it is very difficult for her when she thinks about his future. IF, by any chance he changes his mind only later, what can she do for him.

As Susan Sarandon says in the interview, Ray’s grandmother finally realized Ray was not trying to change himself. What he tries to do is a small development for his life.
* Exact English words used in the interview to be checked, as i read in Japanese..

If Ray does not change now, Ray is not going to be Ray. And even if Ray changes now, because he changes now, Ray will be and can be Ray.
Change takes courage. To support your family and friends, YOU may need to change yourselves and it sure takes courage.

When his family members understand and accept this, their own life also started to move forward like Ray’s life.

This movies is about change, acceptance, and solidarity of a family.
I loved this movie. Please watch when you have a chance.
Rie Takita

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